Connected Experiences

Omnico is the only vendor that provides a single, seamless platform for retail, loyalty, entitlements, ticketing, stock and food and beverage, ensuring a frictionless and immersive customer experience.


This enables leading global brands in retail, hospitality and destination environments to strengthen their customer relationships and grow revenue by delivering an innovative, joined up customer experience across all touch points and channels. We provide a complete solution that incorporates software, hardware, and managed services and support, globally.

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Why Omnico?

For over 25 years Omnico has been trusted by leading global brands to drive innovations in the shopping and guest experience with its proven omni-channel engagement and transaction solution. Omnico’s leading software platform drives what is now known as “The Experience Economy”.

Customer Journeys

Customers and visitors today expect to be able to move between a myriad of channels and devices seamlessly, and order and receive products and services however best suits them.

Omnico’s Commerce solutions enable brands to implement complex customer journeys quickly and easily, providing a consistent and immersive brand experience.

Below you can view all the customer journeys available from Omnico, or click on the specific sector to view tailored journeys.


Frictionless Experience

Use RFID wristbands or a mobile app to guide visitors through their cashless and frictionless experience.

Location Based Selling

Parks can use Wifi and/or beacons with their mobile app to boost guest interaction and sales.


A package of different options that visitors can choose to make up their overall holiday.

Hotel Integration

Use a single mobile app to cover the entire guest experience from the parks, to hotels.

Pre-Booking and Virtual Queuing

Use the mobile app or kiosks to pre-book meal packages and prevent queuing for a table or food.

Order Ahead

Encourage guests to order their food & beverages ahead to maximise the experience with minimal queuing.

Photo System Integration

Visitors can capture their experience using digital photography in key locations such as on rides.

Find and Fetch

Provide a single view of all stock for sales associates, whether in-store, in other stores, or in the warehouse.

Seamless Experieince

Use multiple technologies in-store, such as tablets and RFID beacons, to provide an omni-channel experience.

Channel Hopping

Regardless of the channel or device, provide customers with a seamless brand experience.

Say Yes To The Sale

Find available stock for the customer wherever and ensure they receive it however best suits them.

Pick, Pack and Despatch

Complete order fulfilment regardless of how the customer orders a product and wants to receive it.

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