Omnico delivers profitable year following significant growth

Omnico, owned by private equity firm Better Capital, is the leading omni-channel software and services company for top retail and entertainment brands including Jaeger, Merlin Entertainment, HMV and Six Flags. The company closed its financial year on a high note, recording underlying EBITDA of £1m in the financial year ended 30 September 2016.

“It has been a year of many successes,” said Mel Taylor, CEO at Omnico. “The business has moved forward dramatically, boosted by a record surge in revenue.  Our profitability has improved every quarter this year and we now have a new level of financial strength which gives us an excellent platform on which to build our ambitious plans for future development.”

In the course of the year, Omnico acquired significant new customers around the globe, including a boutique US hotel group and a Middle Eastern resort destination. It also entered into an important strategic partnership with eBECS, a specialist in Microsoft Business Solutions, for the installation of a single integrated and unified Point-of-Sale (PoS) system at all 33 UK airport and train station locations operated by baggage services and shipping company Excess Baggage.

The year also saw Omnico roll out its latest software into over 40 Japanese stores operated by a major UK retailer as well as entering into partnership with an overseas theme park operator to install a unified Point-Of-Sale (POS) system in all of the park’s retail and hospitality sites. Omnico software is now the first choice of six-out-of-ten of the world’s top parks and resorts operators.

In addition, Omnico completed a significant restructure, merging US and UK functions throughout the company and bringing together under one umbrella brand its businesses including service-desk and training company Cyntergy, 4690 Services (delivering enhancements to IBM/Toshiba POS systems), ClarityLive for Leisure (a comprehensive suite of leisure management software) and Omnico CCS, the French cinema management system provider.

“We have even bigger plans for the year ahead,” said Taylor. “These include further investment in products, and moving to larger offices in Eastleigh in order to accommodate our growth.  With the increasing number of theme parks and resort destinations being built internationally, we anticipate another successful year ahead.”

Bonnie Kraus, Director of Finance and Investor Relations at Better Capital, said: “We are delighted with the milestones Omnico has achieved over the past year which has provided the company with a stable footing to drive further profitable growth.  The prospect is exciting and we have confidence in Mel and his team to take it forward.”

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