6th September 2016

Customer Journeys

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artboard-1 Reward visit frequency artboard-2 Mobile self-scanning
artboard-3 Check in to check out artboard-4 Click and collect
artboard-5 Dining plans artboard-9 Order in store
artboard-7 Ship from store artboard-8-copy-2 Food theatre
artboard-8-copy Order ahead and pay at table artboard-10 Find and fetch

Omnico continues to deliver compelling customer journey solutions for major brands across retail , hospitality and resorts. Covering omni-channel order fulfillment, convenience and service, surprise and delight, and more, our experience is second to none.

Our Omnico Commerce software suite enables brands to visualise how their customer journeys use technology, how to add and amend journeys effectively, and deliver consistent compelling experiences by sharing data and business logic across all touch-points and channels.

Our software, together with a full range of support services, enables brands to pilot customer journey ideas quickly, and roll out even faster. Click any journey above to find out how we do it.

Omnico’s Retail Gap Barometer asked 1,200 shoppers what was their favourite customer journey proving stores are still king. Read more here.


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