23rd June 2016


omniEngage is designed to give a consistent engagement experience across every touch-point to surprise and delight your shoppers and guests

omniEngage serves over 20 million paper and digital coupons every month, has memberships of over 18 million people across retail and resort destinations, is integral in the points loyal programmes for speciality retail chains, grocers and entertainment organisations and is the backbone of eWallets for fast cashless spending throughout theme parks and resorts.

omniEngage comes with:

Analytics Engine for customer behaviour analysis and segmentation

Points Wallets for points-based loyalty programmes

Value Wallets for stored value accounts, own brand gift cards, and electronic wallets

Usage Wallets for validating single and multiple use tickets and also season passes

Entitlements for pre-paid rewards that are enjoyed during guest visits

Centralised Promotions Engine for consistent offers and deals online, mobile and in-location

Open APIs for rapid integration with mobile apps, kiosks, online transactional sites and CRM systems

Cloud Ready for easy and low cost operation

omniEngage is part of an innovative integrated software suite branded Omnico Commerce which delivers a unified commerce platform.


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