23rd June 2016


omniStock is designed to help retail and resort destination brands say yes more to customers and guests.

omniStock provides a single view of stock across all locations, with stock updates provided as close to real-time as possible. Intelligent sourcing rules provide fulfilment of orders efficiently, provides a single view of all orders and their current status, has an in-store workflow to efficiently organise click and collect requests and task management for pick, pack and dispatch in-store.

omniStock comes with:

Touch-Point Screens ready to refine and embed in web and mobile applications adding new journeys quickly

Standard Interfaces into retail systems and the rest of the omnico Commerce suite for rapid deployment

Cloud Ready for easy and low cost operation

Rules Engine that drives the configurable intelligent sourcing algorithms

Real-Time Stock used by the rules engine, uploading data overnight and decrementing sales throughout the trading day

omniStock is part of an innovative integrated software suite branded Omnico Commerce which delivers a unified commerce platform.


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